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Cougar Devon Gets a Hard Cock Delivery

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Devon is a hot cougar who has quite a routine when she orders stuff… she also makes sure she gets a hard cock delivery with her packages!

Johnny’s taken over his vacationing colleague’s delivery route, and when he shows up to the home of Devon to deliver her package, he can tell he might be in trouble. The hot, sexy blonde is out tanning by the pool and has no inhibitions, whatsoever. She illustrates this by grabbing Johnny’s crotch and telling him he should take a work break by fucking her cougar pussy! Johnny has no option but to agree with her, especially when she pulls out his big dick and starts slobbering all over it outside!

Now this is one holiday I suspect he hopes his decolletage never comes back from, Devon has got a truly hot pussy and this cougar wants another delivery next week too!

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