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Schoolgirl Vanessa Sixxx Gets Fucked Hard

vanessa sixxx schoolgirl uniform

This is one of those totally hot scenes where there is so much to enjoy, it’s hard to focus on any one thing. Schoolgirl uniforms are sexy, and Vanessa Sixxx looks the part! She also knows how to use that sexy look to good effect, and ends up getting fucked hard against a big mirror, for some truly hot camera angles. She’s hot! Check out the story:

Vanessa Sixx is at her friend’s house getting dressed for the naughty Catholic schoolgirl sorority party they’re attending, and she’s looking pretty sexy. Her friend’s brother walks into his room and sees her using his big mirror to gussy herself up, and he tells her how good she looks. She’s flattered so much that she invites him, and when he declines, she tries to persuade him by getting on her knees and giving him a nice wet blowjob, then fucking his brains out by riding his big dick! All this goes down while her friend is out scooping up other naughty schoolgirls … Johnny’s in for a hell of a night!

Fucking a girl in her schoolgirl uniform is one hot fantasy, and Vanessa Sixxx is a perfect horny school tart, and this hot girl looks great when she gets cum on her face too!

vanessa sixxx schoolgirl hardcore

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