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Jennifer White Gets a Real Workout

Jennifer White is a hotty that knows to keep her sexy body in shape, she needs to work out. She has tried a couple of personal trainers, and today she is trying out a guy who said he would have some seriously intense work for her. They meet up in the park near her house and the go through a pretty vigorous routine, but Jennifer is looking for something more intense, some more cardio to really make her work it out hard. His answer? Time to get Toned and Boned with The Real Workout. Her whips out her tits right there in the park and starts playing with them, and Jennifer knows this is going to get her heart rate going! Nice fucking tits too, great hard nipple! She covers back up and the rush back to her place, where she gets an intense fucking workout, working those neck muscles in an intense blowjob session before working her abs and thighs with some nice hardcore fucking. This girl’s heart rate is going up! Most important is that the workout ends with a nice dose of protein to help rebuild those muscles, as they trainer blows his load in her mouth and she swallows it all down! A great workout!

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