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Sucking and Fucking in the Office Break Room

sucking cock

Here’s another one of those great fantasies every guy has, nailing a hot girl in the office break room. Cody gets his wish in the most unusual way:

Cody is having a bad day at work. His boss is always on his ass about the job he does, he has to work on the weekends and on top of that when he came into the break room for lunch someone ate his pizza! Veruca walks into the room and checks the fridge for pizza. She tries to comfort Cody and decides that she needs to cheer this guy up. Veruca tells him that he needs to get back at his boss in a way that his boss could never think of by fucking in the break room. Cody says no, but Veruca tells him it’s a Saturday and no one is here but them. Cody doesn’t know that Veruca is his boss! Just maybe if Cody does a good job fucking her, he’ll get to keep his job and maybe get a promotion.

This girl is hot as they come, plenty of tattoos and stuff tells you she’s a little bit wild and more than willing to go all out. She really sucks a mean cock and seems to love getting fucked in the break room. This is an office affair that goes all out and makes sure everyone is satisfied!

break room fucking at work

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