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Bodega Babe Vera Bangs for Bucks

Money Talks, bullshit walks! That’s the idea behind Money Talks, a website that proves that for enough cash, regular girls will do anything. This time they set up in a bodega and hit on this unsuspecting customer. Vera Cruz is a cute latina girl, a young mommy who is shopping for stuff. They hit on her hard, offering her cash to flash her boobies and to show off her hot tattooed body. She gets into it, flashing her shaved snatch and tiny titties right in store. They know they have her going, so they offer her more cash to go for a ride in their minivan, where the cock comes out and soon enough this girl is getting wild in the back, getting fucked in a moving minivan and loving it all. She’s a real cutie, a bodega pickup that is more than just convenient! Score another hot scene for Reality Kings videos!

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