Sexy Cheerleader Rihanna Rimes Fucked By the Coach

This is one damn hot babe, that is for sure. I found Rihanna Rimes over at Innocent High, where she is being a cheerleader with a bit of a problem. Seems the new uniforms for next season came out, but no matter how hard she tries, she can’t get her skirt on. Maybe someone made a mistake, maybe her sexy ebony ass is just too big. She asks the coach to help her try to put it on, but he is enjoying more seeing her sexy caramel colored ass up close to be any help. He starts to cop a feel of her sweet cheeks, and when she doesn’t stop him, he just keeps going until he is down there licking on her shaved pussy and getting her really hot. They fuck like crazy, and oh yeah, he dumps a hot load of cum all over her sexy ass. I would do it to!

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