Two Hot Girls Prove that Money Talks

What’s that expression, “Money talks, bullshit walks?” Well, the guys from Money Talks know the value of cash, especially when it comes to talking girls into doing naughty things. These two girls are at the bus station, stopping over from one place to another. But one of them lost her bag and needs cash to buy some stuff for the rest of the trip. Well, the Money Talks guys spot an opportunity, and offer these girls a little cash to kiss right there in front of them, not a sisterly peck but a nice long kiss. They do it, and almost won’t stop they are getting turned on. Then they offer the girls a ride in one of the guys sports car, and they are good to go. They stop in a park, and he offers them a little more cash to get naked a bit, and then to eat each other out, and finally to fuck him three way for the camera. The girls take the money and fuck, eating each other out as he bones them hard. Proof that cash can get you ass!

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